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Customer Services and Support

Customer Services is a bit of a catch all operational area for the variety of service and support functions your customers need to be successful with your products. You'll likely organize and re-organize this part of your company many times over the years. It can be a cost center, a profit center, a series of independent businesses, in-sourced, outsourced and more. One thing for sure, it is almost as important to your business as the Product Development team itself.

The technology industry is certainly one of the worst when it comes to providing quality customer services. For every good service experience you have, there are likely 5 or 10 bad ones that come to mind. It seems a bit odd that companies with good products are incapable of providing effective customer services, but that seems to be our reality. This means first and foremost that you can win position in your market by offering quality customer services, the odds are high that few of your competitors will be able to as well. (Customer Services and Support Topics)