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    How does a business leader get the most out of the work day? Not an easily answered question, but busy business people seem to be increasingly running out of time. Overwork and the stress it creates is cited for one of the major reasons entrepreneurs give up on pursuit of their business ideas. Here is a collection of some common sense approaches to getting the most out of available time.
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  • Management Skills
    An open discussion on best practices for leaders and managers
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  • Luck Factor
    Reaching maximum success in any business requires an element of luck. Luck can come in many forms, each can be beneficial as you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the current organization and related business plans. It is often true you create your own luck through pursuit of excellence in the right way, so being 'born' lucky is not the essence of the message.
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  • Core Strength
    A fit team tends to be able to ride the roller coaster leading to success without throwing up. Implementing a strong core as you form a business, paves the way for faster growth and greater success later on. The business matures, which is an important element of how you compete when bigger companies enter your markets. If you delay establishing a strong core in the early stages, the costs of doing so later, escalate disproportionately as you grow, as does the push-back the team tends to present.
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  • Exits
    The logical conclusion of an entrepreneurial event, the selling of the business. Technology businesses seem to have the unusual property of unjustifiable values when exits come along. Some sell for text book multiples of revenue, profit/earnings, etc. Others sell for outrageous amounts, deemed "strategic" to the buyer, no amount of cash is beyond reason. In either case, there are several key things that can be done to enjoy the exit process.
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