I'm having bad luck, what do I do?

Reaching maximum success in any business requires an element of luck. Luck can come in many forms, each can be beneficial as you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the current organization and related business plans. It is often true you create your own luck through pursuit of excellence in the right way, so being 'born' lucky is not the essence of the message.

I'm having bad luck, what do I do?

Postby LoveGolf » Mon Mar 22, 2010 12:51 pm

I seem to have trouble loosing key employees at crucial times in our operational activities. They say they are leaving to pursue changes in career, but I am concerned they are leaving because they don't find our business challenging enough. Combined with the poor economy, the difficulty in getting investment and lastly getting prospects to place orders, it seems all down hill. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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