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Raising funding - got any tips?

PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2010 6:28 pm
by akw
I've got a new idea. I want to fund the company through VCS (don't try to talk me out of it)

I'm scheduled in to visit 4 VCs in three days. Got any tips for me?

(maybe we can create a top 10 things to remember and top 10 things not to do.)

Re: Raising funding - got any tips?

PostPosted: Mon May 24, 2010 11:03 pm
by InsideSpin
Tips --
1. Don't do it, beg, borrow and steal money -- just kidding
2. Have a properly written business plan in hand that clearly states the business opportunity to invest in
3. Understand how to present yourself as credible in pursuing this venture (know how to tell you resume)
4. Know the person (firm) you are speaking to -- most investors have resumes that cite their background which is helpful
5. Research any potential competition or prospective competition, VCs like pointing out how un-unique your idea is
6. Be prepared for hearing no more than yes