Rogers and other Cell Phone Companies -- NOT

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Rogers and other Cell Phone Companies -- NOT

Postby InsideSpin » Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:40 am

I'm sure I share my experiences with many people when I talk about how poorly cell phone companies seem to manage their businesses. From frustrating web interfaces (and poor server performance) to complexity in their plans it all comes down to how much shock factor they can create with each bill each month. I am amazed at how much complexity there is in doing business with cell phone companies -- but I also feel trapped by not having many options worth considering given I need quality cell phone service. Presumably they are driving towards increasing revenues through any means possible and if the consuming public could figure out a way to revolt they might come up with something more manageable for us to digest. It's a mess and I would very much like to sit down with their product marketing managers and find out if this is all made-to-happen confusion or just ignorance of how to do it right.
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Re: Rogers and other Cell Phone Companies -- NOT

Postby akw » Sun May 09, 2010 11:56 pm

I wondering if it's just poor management.

If you want the problems with airlines to go away - make the airline executives travel economy. I wonder if phone executives should be forced to use their own systems and methods to get phone problems resolved.

I'd be interested in sitting down with a few product marketing managers (and managers from other departments) to see what the issues are as well. Maybe we can find a few on linked in.
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