First PR after Investment

First PR after Investment

Postby LoveGolf » Fri Mar 05, 2010 8:36 am

I'm close to closing my first round of financing with a strategic investor and am not sure how to approach our first PR. I can either make a big splash around the investment but cause some confusion given the strategic investor also has some products in my space (we're not sure how much they are ready to say how we fit into their ecosystem), or I can wait until later and focus my attention on launching the Company.

Can I:
1. Issue a PR without mentioning the investors name -- 'Company has received investment from a strategic partner ...', is this common?
2. Not issue anything about investment but mention it to prospects and partners in meetings if they need to know
3. Wait a few months to work with strategic on figuring out what the messaging should be and announce it then?

Not sure how to approach this -- any help would be appreciated.
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