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Operating Disciplines

Operating Disciplines

A technology company, like many other industry company structures, thrives on the successful integration of a variety of operating areas. For young companies, the founding team often takes them all on as personal tasks. As the team and company grows, the functional areas are broken out so that individual operational leaders can assume the reigns of each. Although often inexperienced as leaders, the founding team brings passion and commitment to their expanding roles, something often lost or reduced when the next generation of leaders enters the Company.

Over time, the founders tend to be outgrown by the needs of their growing business — forced to step back into more focused (often diminished) roles that take advantage of their passion, sometimes forced to step aside altogether. Nonetheless, the key to success often rests with how well the team works together, how well the team balances each other out and how well the team truly understands the objectives at hand.

This key section of InsideSpin explores the core operating areas of a technology company. The materials are designed to benefit both the CEO (entrepreneur) as well as individual operational leaders. It is by no means exhaustive in presenting all the options available but does cover the major topics of concern. It does however lay the foundation for sound thinking, logic and is reflective of the experience of its authors. If you are seeking excellence in your business venture, hopefully these sections will help you head in the right direction. Either way, please participate in the Discussion Forums so that your experience, your sound thinking and logic can help others succeed who follow your path.