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COVID-19 - It is easy to feel overwhelmed with the effects of the pandemic on most all aspects of our lives -- personal and professional. But we can't forget to keep our focus on the principals of smart business management, even if we don't have much of a playbook to go by as a guide to help drive direction towards success. We need to keep in mind that the purpose of a business plan is to guide the business and its team forward, based on sound decisions made in advance of 'in the moment' pressures. If you fail to do this during COVID and instead assume you can go day by day in your decision making, you will likely wind up far away from where you could have been if hindsight vision was available to you. Click HERE for more

The personality of a Company is often defined by its leader. Keeping in mind that the CEO role is often shaped by the individual, more so than most roles in the Company, you should not shy away from defining a role that suits your personality and leadership strengths. A role that is supported by a complementary team driven to work collectively towards goals of excellence. A team that can compensate for your weaknesses.

It's not easy for a first time founder to be successful in the CEO role, especially long term. Issues arise throughout the course of growing a business that tend to need prior experience to be resolved effectively. Although first-time founding CEO's bring lots of passion and dedication to a business, the lack of relevant experience to deal with difficult issues tends to present too high a risk for most investors to bet larger sums of money on. If you are a first time CEO, hopefully InsideSpin will provide some of the support needed to be successful in the role long term. If nothing else, InsideSpin, through the Discussion Forums, will introduce you to a network of individuals who may be able to assist in resolving critical issues with your business, helping you gain the experience you need to achieve long term success.

Experienced CEO's tend to reuse their success formulas. Although largely a positive reason to engage an experienced CEO, sometimes what works in one business with one team does not carry over to another business and a different team. This can make it hard for a CEO to experience repeated success as you move from business to business., This is often where you hear about experienced CEO's coming in with their own team to run a play book they are familiar with. Although many core skills and experience do transfer, it is important to adapt to each new situation and work with the existing management team to effectively tackle the problems at hand. Unless the objective is to retool the team, being versatile enough to adapt your success formula to the current situation makes you a professional CEO worthy of any challenge. If you are an experienced CEO, InsideSpin may help you strengthen areas of weakness. The Discussion Forums are valuable to address new issues as surely they will arise.

This important section, in many ways the key section of InsideSpin, addresses the CEO role itself. Although all of InsideSpin is largely directed at helping a CEO and each operational leader understand most all of the key operational areas of a technology company, the other operational sections do not specifically focus on the CEO role itself. This section also takes a more first-hand look at being a CEO drawing on the perspectives and experiences of the InsideSpin founder. (CEO Topics)