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By: Mike Fox (April, 2011)

The vast majority of employees are filled with enthusiasm when they begin a new job.  Sadly, this often turns to frustration and apathy when the initial on-boarding process goes amiss and when 'buyer's remorse' settles in. Here are some things not to do (albeit a bit tongue in cheek) when bringing someone new into your organization. 

On a more serious note, many organizations celebrate more when an employee leaves the company than when they arrive (go figure!). Why not learn to celebrate and appreciate the value of an employee from the start.  To accomplish this your on-boarding program should include:

By simply thinking of how you'd like to be treated first day on the job you'll be well on your way to managing, and surpassing, your new employee's expectations. For a full on-boarding action plan feel free to contact me (MIke Fox) directly.

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