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Human Resources (HR)

A formalized HR function almost doesn't happen in small companies. It seems to take a while to put in place in growing companies. It's an executive position in large companies. Those that understand the value of great HR practices and the effect it has on the success equation understand the need to get started early with HR.

Human Resources is not just about hiring practices, interviewing new people and making sure health plans are in place. It's about getting the most out of the team that you have (including the leadership team), making sure everyone has a chance to reach or exceed their potential for your organization. Paraphrasing Khan from a Star Trek movie - improve technology and you improve productivity 10%, improve people, and you improve productivity 1000%. The message is simple, a proper HR function can make sure that key performers reach levels of excellence beyond expectations while making sure chronically poor performers are managed out. Everyone else should be driven up the curve through effective HR practices. HR should be an area heavily supported from the office of the CEO, not a secondary function buried in some other department. The impact on your business can be fantastic. (HR Topics)


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