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InsideSpin Member Services

In addition to the free services provided by the InsideSpin community, Members can also enlist the direct assistance of the InsideSpin team, made up of successful technology entrepreneurs. This comprehensive guaranteed service is provided for an annual prepaid subscription fee of $995 USD.

If the InsideSpin team is not able to provide reasonable and timely services, the member can request a full refund of the subscription fee at any time during the subscription period. Assistance can be provided in the following areas:

Business Plans

Members can request a confidential formal review of a business plan draft. Typically submitted as an email attachment, the draft would be reviewed within two business days of receipt and initial feedback would be provided typically within four days of receipt. This service is designed to help entrepreneurs prepare for funding rounds, present business plans to a Board of Directors or otherwise obtain feedback on new business ideas. The nature of the feedback is often a series of challenging questions or issues the entrepreneurial member should consider within the body of the business plan or as part of its presentation.

Product Requirements Documents

Often considered one of the hardest yet most valuable documents a business creates, the InsideSpin team can provide highly creative and critical review of a product requirements document. In some cases, the document is presented to the team via a web conference to provided needed context, especially if the product addresses an uncommon or new area of a market need. Feedback may be provided over several iterations as the team asks the entrepreneurial member questions to gain a full understanding of the market context for the product or feature set. Often resulting in a variety of new or altered product ideas, as well as more comprehensive requirements document overall, the result tends to leave the entrepreneur with greater confidence that their product plan will succeed. This popular service is one of the most valuable provided by InsideSpin and is geared towards making sure the entrepreneur's team creates the most compelling and competitive product possible. Given the potential for competitive product conflict, InsideSpin may reject reviewing a document if it too strongly overlaps one previously reviewed by the team within the 6-month period prior to submission.

Sales Presentations

A staple often produced by the marketing department, the InsideSpin team can play the role of prospective customer and ask the questions that need to be asked when listening to a product pitch. Areas often focused on include making sure the pitch is relevant, consistent and strong in its use of language and visual materials. It is often the case that sales presentations cloud the message with too many words, unfamiliar language or are not actually aligned with the value statements the business is espousing.


The InsideSpin team can also be more directly engaged on a consulting fee basis. To request one of the above services, please email us at Request Member Services with the details and we'll respond rapidly with a process to get it done.

The InsideSpin team can also recommend 3rd party consultants who specialize in high-valued services designed to help businesses achieve success thru excellence.