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Product Management

People have always been interested in understanding how a technology company becomes successful. Perhaps more importantly to its shareholders, how it can maintain success over a sustained period of time. There are certainly many factors, for which most experienced executives seem to admit that luck is one of them. But when you dig down into the psyche of a successful company, you always come up with a handful of operational factors that distinguish it from the also-ran companies in their market space – one of those success factors has consistently been excellence in product management. .

This section presents a common-sense view of how to achieve excellence in product management. Often recognized as a critical function gating sustained success, it has been found that most companies do not succeed in establishing a consistent operational model for product management. Conflict at both the organizational level as well as the skill level hinder obtaining the benefits that should be realized from product management excellence. Whether you are involved in launching a new product family, responsible for maintaining the lifecycle of an existing product family, tasked with creating the next generation products for an existing family, or dumped with the duty of planning the retirement of a product, developing a strong product management discipline will help reach maximum success for all of these important elements of a product lifecycle ... (Product Management Topics)